In 2001, Lydie Ulmann founded the Espace Germain Pilon. In 2009, the Espace Germain Pilon became Galerie E.G.P on the initiative of Reine Ullmann Okuliar.

While the Espace Germain Pilon was focusing solely on modern art, Galerie E.G.P has now added contemporary art to its programme.

Since October 2009, Galerie E.G.P has been exhibiting works of world-renowned artists (François Arnal, Irina Ionesco, Matsutani, Wols...) as well as works of young artists exploring new paths on all types of media (Musial).

Trained as a French lawyer and qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales, Reine Ullmann Okuliar, pursuant to repeated advice requests from her former clients and friends, decided to become a gallery owner. She is co-directing the gallery with Lydie Ullmann.

In addition to it Paris (France) presence, Galerie E.G.P has offices in London (United Kingdom).